Zine Design


AMOUR  is a zine edited and designed by me to dispel the prejudices on LGBTQ community.

The zine is consisted by three parts.

The first part is a self-testing card. With the color filter, the definitions of these sexualities will be hidden so as to check whether everyone can understand LGBTQ terminology correctly before reading the zine.

The second part is the risograph book.

The words on the pictures represent true feelings from the sexual minorities while the words covered by the pictures are the common social stereotypes.

For the main book, I first collected LGBTQ people’s answers to some specific questions. 

Finally, 4 high-quality queer themed films are featured in this book, including Farewell My Concubine(China, 1993, Chen), Lan Yu (China, 2001, Kuan), The Danish Girl (UK-US, 2015, Hooper) and Carol (US, 2015, Haynes). 

©️2019 JIKUN TAO